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MANUSCRIPT - Alphabet - Lesson Plan 1

A different order of teaching a child to write the alphabet.

Most children are taught to write the alphabet in chronological order, ABC…etc. But try this different approach. Progress from the simplest to the most complex characters. I hope you find this method of teaching profitable.

But before you begin go to the "UPPERCASE animated alphabet" to show the child the characters being formed.

First, practice writing characters which contain vertical and horizontal strokes, the   E,   F,   H,   I,   L   and    T.
You can click on each of these characters and a printable worksheet will appear.

Second, move on to characters formed only by diagonal strokes, the    V,   W,   and    X.
Again click on each character to bring up a printable worksheet.

Third, practice the characters having vertical and diagonal strokes only, the    K,    M,    N and   Y.
Again click on each character to bring up a printable worksheet.

Fouth, practice the character having horizontal and a diagonal stroke only, the   A,   and   Z.   
Again click on the character to bring up a printable worksheet.

Fifth, practice the simplest of characters formed by circular strokes, the    C and    O.
Once again click on each character to bring up a printable worksheet.

Sixth, do the    G   and    Q.   
They are only a C and O with a tails on. Don’t forget the printable worksheets

Seventh, Now comes the combination of vertical and curves strokes, the    B,    D,    J,   P, and   U.
More printable worksheets.

Eighth, the R. It’s a P with a leg on.

Finally, the S. Think of the first part as a C and the last part as backwards C.

You can find more alphabet sheets for additional practice.

Please send your comments corrections and suggestions to:
Linda C. Readman. (linda@handwritingforkids.com)


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