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Welcome to the mathematics section of Handwriting for Kids (handwitingforkids.com). I finally relented due to the number of requests to provide online/interactive and printable math worksheets on the site.

Sample - Number is - worksheet
Sample - Math - Addition Worksheet
Sample - Math - Clock/Time - What time is it?

many more worksheets!

Please let me know what you think and send in your suggestions and share your ideas on teaching mathematics effectively. NOTE: Our old javascript version of math pages will be discontinued, and we will keep them on our site for those who needed them. However, try our new version for more dynamic math worksheet makers and online/interactive math.

All of our new math pages are dynamic, the math equations are never the same. (You can do this by resubmitting the program or press F5 - refresh.) There are number of drop-down menus, which allow you to select different formats to the help kids. It is a great way to improved your children's education and boost their test scores!

If the children need to practice their numbers go to the "Numbers" section and have some fun practicing.

Please spread the good news that interactive math has arrived on handwritingforkids.com. Please feel free to link to us or suggest a link to other FREE educational websites. I am sure all the kids will be just thrilled to know what more is in store from you parents and teachers. We are doing all we can to save your time and effort in making your own worksheets as well as scoring them. We think the kids will benefit from the additional practice and help them get ahead or catch-up in their classes. Remember, "No Child Left Behind".

To all of you good people who can afford a donation, I could really use it right now. Please send your donation to the address below. It is my earnest desire to keep the site free for all the children, so please help me do that will you?

Linda C. Readman
P.O. Box 8875
Rockford, IL 61126-8875

Best wishes and God bless. <><



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