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Nouns and Verbs Agreement

Nouns and verbs are the two necessary parts of a sentence. Nouns and verbs describe who is doing what in a sentence. Other parts of sentences are not necessary for structure. Because nouns and verbs are the main part of a sentence, they must agree together. If there is one person as the subject of a sentence, there can only be one person doing the action. Usually when there is one person doing the action, the verb ends in "s." If two or more people are performing an action, the verb usually does not end in an "s." The following are examples of sentences with nouns and verbs that agree and that don't agree.

Agree (Correct)

I went to the mall.
My sister likes to listen to the radio.

Disagree (Incorrect)

He walk down the stairs.
My dad play golf.

The following exercises will look at noun and verb agreement.

Noun Exercises

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