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What time is it?
Online / Interactive

This online/interactive analog clock worksheet generator is one of many interactive pages. This page is designed primarily for 2-3 grades and is a self grading. Children will learn interactively how to tell time, and enter their answers and get an immediate grade. Automatic timed test is a cool option to test the students speed.

Drop down menu options are increments by: 60-minutes (hourly), 30-minutes (half-hours), 15-minutes (quarter-hours), 10-minutes, 5-minutes, and by 1-minute, and 12 minute ranges. See example sheet below or view a sample page.

Follow these steps to make your worksheet.
1. Enter Name (optional)
2. Select Time / Clock increments by.
     60 minutes
     30 minutes
     15 minutes
     10 minutes
     5 minutes
     1 minute (Select a 12 minute range from drop down menu.)
3. Select Sequence Order: Ascending or Randomized (default)
4. Select or deselect Time-Test (default: Yes)
5. Click on submit to make your online clock / time worksheet.
6. After submitting the answers, it will automatically grade the worksheet for you.

What time is it? - Online / Interactive

Name: (optional)

* Default - 60 minutes (On the hour.)


Yes, Timed-Test

sample of page

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